Infinite Lagrange: Resources Mining Guide

It is common in any war games (or even war in real-life), that the resource is the important thing to support military forces. In Infinite Lagrange, there are 3 kinds of common resources, which are Metal, Crystal, and Deuterium (and Trojite is introduced in a further game phase). These resources yield depends on the operational (resource mining), base yield, and union bonus. Hereinafter, these resources are required for building (e.g. outpost and mining platform), base upgrading, and also building your fleet.

Maximizing resource yield

The basic idea to maximize your resource yield is to maximize the operational and base yield. Operational yield depends on the mining rate, whereas base yield depends on base upgrades and where it is docked. The base upgrades specifically Small Integrated Plant, Smelting Plant, Crystal Synthesis Plant, and D20 Electrolysis Plant. Meanwhile, the union bonus depends on the number and level of cities captured.

Resource Panel

In this case, there are many ways to maximize your operational yield per hour:

  • maximizing the number of mining fleets, which depends on the number of available resource ports;
  • all mining fleets should travel less often; can be achieved by using the largest type of available utility ships and increasing the mining fleet’s storage (and warp speed); and
  • use mining platform;

Increasing the utility ship storage and warp speed could be done by upgrading its blueprint. In addition, mining fleet storage could also be improved by adding military ships.

Mining Fleet

Utility ships

In the beginning, you can only build Small Utility Ship. Then, as the game progress, you can build Medium Utility Ship, when you have reached base level 4 and researched the Large Utility Ship Dockyard. Later, after you reached base level 8 and researched the Utility platform Dockyard, you can build Large Utility Ship.

Resource mining utility ships

Building X10 requires twice resource ports as X8, but as you can see that the default mining rate of X10 is more than 2x of the X8’s (34000/h vs 10000/h). This is also the case with the X20 and X10. Therefore, When you have access to Medium Utility Ship, you can gradually scrap your Small Utility Ships and replace them with Medium Utility Ships. At a later time, you can also gradually scrap your Medium Utility Ships and replace them with Large Utility Ships.

utility ships enhancements

Other than that, you need to periodically check your utility ship’s blueprint for any tech points to further improve the mining speed efficiency, storage capacity, and warp speed. In the engineering UAV system, we suggest that you prioritize the mining speed enhancements, as the storage capacity could be substituted by adding military ships.

Mining Fleet Composition

To mine a resource, a mining fleet could only contain a single utility ship. However, you can add multiple military ships to increase the storage capacity of a mining fleet. There are two best options you can choose from, AC721 Heavy Logistics Destroyer and Crasher Armed Transport.

AC721 and Crasher ships

The AC721 Heavy Logistics Destroyer is the best option, as it is a standard blueprint and inexpensive to build. Also, you can upgrade its storage up to 25200. To build it, you need to quickly upgrade your base to lv3. So that you could start researching Destroyer Dockyard. Then you can gradually build 15 ships of AC721 Heavy Logistics Destroyer, and deploy that ships equally in your mining fleets.

Mining Fleet Composition

You can also buy Crasher Armed Transport from the trading post near city lv 5 or higher. While it is expensive to purchase, it may be useful when you need more capacity in your mining fleets. Besides, because Crasher is a cruiser, you can use it to help mine in the radiation zone.

Mining area

Basic operational area

At the beginning of the game, you can only use the basic circle operational area. This circle area did not give you any bonuses. So, you can only try to minimize the mining fleet’s travel time from base to resource nodes.

optimizing operational area

We know that cruise speed is far slower than warp speed. The mining fleet will require more travel time if we set the area as in image A. Therefore, with the same distance to the resource node, try to set the operational area where you can minimize the cruising path, as in image B above.

Mining platform

There are 3 types of mining platforms; Basic (BMP), Intermediate (IMP), and Advanced (AMP).

resource mining platform

The BMP is the cheapest one to build, but with only a few benefits. The AMP is the most expensive but with the most benefits.

To maximize the mining rate, build one of these mining platform in the area with rich resources. You can use the resource layer feature to find the rich resource area. You can zoom in/out your screen to find this resource layer. The brighter green means richer resources. In addition, you still need to minimize the mining fleet’s travel time and increase their storage.

resource layer

Resources trade

The other way to get more resources is by buying Resources Pack from the trading post, using UE coins. Large Resource Pack contains 120k Metal, 2000 Crystal, and 1400 Deuterium. Whereas, Medium Resource Pack contains 50k Metal, 1000 Crystal, and 600 Deuterium.

Other than that, low-level cities may only provide Medium Resource Packs. Large resource packs could be found in the trading post near city level 7 or higher.

resource pack

On the other side, you could get the resources you need by converting from other types of resources. This feature could be found in your Base > Domestic Affairs > Resource Trade.

resource trade

However, resource trade can only gives you 60% of its actual value. For example, 1 deuterium is equal to 100 metals. But using resource trade, you can only get up to 60 Metals for each deuterium trade. Accordingly, It is best to directly mine the resources, unless you have a particular abundant resource while needing another type of resource.

Written by Philip F. E. Adipraja

Philip is a Computer Science and Information Engineering student at National Central University, Taiwan. His fields of interest are software engineering, modeling & simulation, intelligent transport system, and smart manufacturing.

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