The Infinite Lagrange Review: Cross-Platform Space-Themed Strategy Game

Last Updated on December 19, 2021

Sci-fi games are commonly related to space-themed games. These games often offer many features beyond galaxy exploration, planet colonization, spaceship and warfare technologies, and war between factions. In this article, we offer a review of a space-themed strategy game called Infinite Lagrange. This review is NOT sponsored by the Infinite Lagrange developers.

Infinite Lagrange adopts a lot of sci-fi elements to provide an attraction for players. This is a simulation game where you start by establishing your base. Then, you can gather nearby resources, defeat enemy fleets, play with your friends or other players, join or form an alliance, and explore a huge region to an enormous solar system ​[1]​.


Total File Size: ~2GB
Download for Android: Google Play, Rating: 4.1/5.0.
Download for iOS: Apple App Store, Rating: 4.3/5.0.
Also available for PC, download from Infinite Lagrange website.

+ Impressive graphics
+ story progresses with all players
+ Simple but realistic
+ Translate button
+ PvE with your union

– limited action options and battle system
– steep learning curve
– slow actions
– poor unit’s pathfinding
– gacha with minuscule rates


Impressive story and environment

With the massive galaxy environment, Infinite Lagrange gives the freedom to explore an immersive PvE universe. You may need to spend a lot of time just exploring 1 of 13 regions. Moreover, Infinite Lagrange offers impressive and realistic graphics that you can enjoy while playing the game.

Also, there is a story that goes on in this game, where each player contributes to the progress itself. in short, every player on the server has the same ultimate goal, which is to capture all cities and build a Lagrange Gate. However, to capture a city, requires cooperation with all members of the union (or alliance). Due to this, it may motivate you to play in the long term.

Simple yet sophisticated

In the beginning, you will be given a small base and a couple of frigates. Then, you can start mining resources and expand your base and territory in intergalactic space. To improve your warfare, you can do research and improve your base. In the late game, it also makes you feel the realistic and complex real-time gameplay systems.

In the terms of military, Infinite Lagrange offers several types of ships, such as frigate, destroyer, cruiser, battlecruiser, and carrier ​[2]​. Whereas, the aircraft carriers could carry corvettes or fighters. By knowing these types, you can easily choose any ship type for your powerful fleets. However, you could also take more detail about the ships by customizing the weapon system for any ship variants. This could make your own fleet with unique strength. Meanwhile, for a battle system, the action is rather simple but realistic. You only need to find any target and sail your fleet to defeat them. However, there are many strategies you could think of. From a direct attack to a well-planned ambush.

Translate button

Infinite Lagrange is one of the Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games. Hence, public, private, and group chats are essential. However, a server may consist of players from different countries. This means that language barriers can affect cohesiveness, responsiveness, and other group actions. Accordingly, to facilitate communication between different languages, the developers provide a translate button in the chat or mail feature.


Restrictions and limitation

The developers apply several restrictions to this game. First, the existing Action Point (AP) could limit your action to some degree. Currently, you may have a max 150AP with can replenish +20/h. If you are active in battle, it could give you 15 battles and you will be running out of your AP. Meanwhile, a night sleep (7-8 hours) can replenish your AP from 0 to a full 150AP.

Second, the action in this game is very time-consuming. Building and researching could take minutes to hours depending on the levels, but the outcome is extremely rewarding. Meanwhile, moving your fleet is also takes time. You may need to spend 5 to 10 minutes just going to a nearby location. However, nearby friendly bases could reduce the fleet’s moving time by using a warp.

One of the limitations in Infinite Lagrange is the basic battle system. It means that the battle strategies and actions are very limited. When your fleet engages in a battle, all action will be automatic until the battle ends. That means you cannot change the current target or move the ship to another position in battle. you can only wait until the battle ends or retreat.

Even so, the developers might remove or change any of these restrictions in the future.

Gacha Element

This game adopts the gacha mechanic for the ship and tech blueprints. We can play this game for free and use the gacha system using in-game currency. However, it is common that buying gacha elements is costly with a minuscule chance of getting a powerful ship blueprint or high-rank weapon tech. Meanwhile, other than gacha, you will be given a standard blueprint set containing frigate, destroyer, cruiser, battlecruiser, carrier, and corvette. Each of these standard blueprints will be obtained after doing research or level up.

Bug Fix

There is a case where your fleet may be stuck at some point. Then, to fix that, there are some tricks you could try as follows:

  1. Retreat the fleet. Mostly, the a stuck fleet could be released by retreating the fleet. Or,
  2. Close the game app the re-login to the game. While Infinite Lagrange is an MMO game, exit and relogin to the game may fix this problem. You could try this first before retreating the fleet. But, when your fleet is stuck when retreating, this trick is the only one you could try at the moment.


Although most of the information has been described in the game, some of them are not. Therefore, you should know the following when playing Infinite Lagrange:

  1. You can mine an ore resource with 2 mining fleets only in the Intermediate/Advanced Mining Platform area you own ​[3]​. However, only you and your union members could mine in your platform.
  2. The Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Mining Platform area give ships a mining speed bonus of 4%, 10%, and 30%, respectively ​[4]​. But this benefit only applied to the owner of the mining platform. Also, other than players in his union could not mine in that platform.
  3. When you retreat your fleet, sometimes it doesn’t return to base. Because it will go to the “rectangle” operation where it previously stopped.
  4. Projectile and missile weapon has low hit rate. For example, FG300 hit rate is around 50% ​[5]​. Therefore, you may need to enchant its hit rate max before other weapon enhancements.
  5. Some aircraft have physical armor (Vitas series, Bullfrog, RedBeast, and Silent Assassin), some have energy armor (Stingray, SC020, and SC002), whereas other aircraft have no armor at all.
  6. When attacking a city, you can lure “intercept fleets” one by one from a city and defeat them. This way, you could reduce the number of city protector ships.
  7. When you want to Relocate your base, make sure the target outpost is not used for rally points. Else, that rallies will be cancelled the time when your base moved there.


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Cover Image is taken from Bleeding Cool

Written by Philip F. E. Adipraja

Philip is a Computer Science and Information Engineering student at National Central University, Taiwan. His fields of interest are software engineering, modeling & simulation, intelligent transport system, and smart manufacturing.

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